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These General Contracting Conditions of the website www.colorgrafico.es will regulate the legal relationships that may arise between COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL with the data listed above, AND, on the other hand, the CLIENT, whose data entered to make the purchase or to make any query or suggestion, through the form established for this purpose, are those that have been consigned by himself.


Both parties declare that they have sufficient legal capacity to contract and be bound by the terms of this contract.


The purpose of this document is the general regulation of the services provided by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL through the website www.colorgrafico.es, constituting the legal framework in which this contractual relationship is developed.


The services and / or products offered by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL may be hired by any users who meet the requirements established in these General Contracting Conditions, always taking into account the information that appears in the Legal Notice and in the Privacy Policy , available at all times on the website of COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL

The services that COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL currently provides and that are the subject of the legal relationship have as their main activity the Digital Printing Services of the files provided by the CLIENT. Said files will be printed according to the selection of the characteristics shown on the Web and that the CUSTOMER freely chooses at the time of placing his order. The selected options are reflected in the order form as proof of the printing characteristics chosen by the CLIENT.

The selectable characteristics may vary according to the type of work to be carried out, the most common being the type of support, size, thickness, quality, special treatment, finish, stamping, among others.

Printed documents may be treated with other products or materials available at COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL, and may also be chosen from the Web as an additional service for the preparation of certain finishes or manipulations at the express request of the CLIENT.

From this elaboration are derived the various products related to Digital Printing such as labels, posters, posters, flyers, etc.


As a condition for the use of certain services offered through the Web, the CLIENT must be registered and have an account enabled to access the Private Zone of the COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL Web The information that you provide to create the account must be true and be updated at all times. The CUSTOMER agrees, if necessary, to provide us with changes to the information on your account, in order to keep it updated.

The CLIENT is solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of his password, not being able to reveal said password to any other person. In the event that a user obtains unauthorized access to the restricted area of the website as a result of their acts or omissions, the CLIENT accepts that they will be solely responsible for any unauthorized use that occurs.

The Web and its services are directed exclusively to persons who are 18 years of age or older. Any access or use of the Website or its services by anyone under 18 years of age is expressly prohibited. By accessing or using the Website, you represent and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older.


The CLIENT can only use this website to make legitimate requests to purchase the products or services offered, and may not use this site to make speculative, false or fraudulent requests. Nor can you use robots or other automated means to access this site, unless specifically authorized by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL

The CLIENT declares that he is of sufficient legal age to assume responsibilities or binding legal obligations for any liability that may be incurred as a result of the use of this Site.

To avoid possible fraud, keep in mind that it is a violation of rights to make a request or purchase with a false name or with an invalid credit card. Also, even if you do not provide your real name, your Internet browser transmits a unique Internet address that can be used by law enforcement officials to identify you.

The CUSTOMER has permission to electronically copy and print parts of this site on paper for the sole purpose of using the Web as a shopping resource. Any other use of the material or content of the Web, including reproduction for a purpose other than that indicated above without the prior written consent of COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL is prohibited.

COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL reserves the right to Cancel the Account and Access to the Web and its services at any time or due to any act that constitutes a violation of these Terms and Conditions. The cancellation may include the suppression of access to the service, the elimination of your password, the erasure of all the information provided and related files, the elimination of content associated with your account (or any part of it), and other measures designed to prohibit your subsequent use of the site and its services.


The CLIENT is solely responsible for the content of the materials sent via the Web to COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL

The CLIENT guarantees and accepts that, when using the Web, he will not be able to upload through it any material that: (a) is illegal, threatening, harassing or profane; (b) constitutes or incites conduct that constitutes a criminal offense or gives rise to civil liability; or (c) contains a virus or other harmful component or false or misleading indications of questionable origin or provenance.

The CLIENT is responsible at all times for the content of the files (texts and images), templates, materials and the documentation provided to carry out the work and for complying, if necessary, with the Law on Intellectual Property and Copyright. , Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12.

COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL only works with the original material provided, so it does not alter or modify the files provided in any case. If it is necessary to carry out any type of adjustment, modification or adaptation, the CLIENT is in charge of manipulating their own files and delivering them again to COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL with the necessary parameters that guarantee the correct preparation of the requested services. If the files received do not meet the necessary requirements to carry out the work of the contracted services, according to the characteristics reflected in the order, the CLIENT will receive a notification, by email or phone call, indicating the incident and advising him of how to proceed to correct it. .

COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL will only carry out modifications in the CLIENT's files when there is an explicit consent from the CLIENT and with the sole purpose of correctly carrying out the requested work.

COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL will at all times try to comply with the promised delivery period, but as it is an incident beyond COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL, the CLIENT will lose the guarantee of receiving their order within the contracted period and will not have the right to any claim. nor to a partial or total refund of the amount paid.

If within 7 days no response is received from the CLIENT, COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL has the right to terminate the purchase contract and will proceed to the full payment of the amount paid by the CLIENT.


The approximate delivery times are published on the website www.colorgrafico.es The delivery dates are calculated in working days from the reception of the files to be printed and once the payment has been formalized. The maximum general delivery time commitment in the peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the European Union is 10 working days. The delivery time in Tenerife and Gran Canaria is 10-15 working days. In Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, Hierro and Gomera it takes 16-21 working days. The deadline in Ceuta and Melilla is 21 working days. In all these periods, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are excluded. From the moment of notification of the print files, before 12:00 hours on a business day, that business day will be recorded as the start date for the delivery period. If it is done after 12:00 hours on a business day or at any time on a public holiday, it will be recorded on the next business day.

COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL in the event that it could not meet the delivery period contracted by the CLIENT, for whatever reason, except for those that are unrelated to it, the obligation to compensate is limited only to the amount of the order.

In cases of force majeure, the delivery period may be extended for as long as the obstacle or impediment exists. Force majeure cases are fundamentally considered strikes, breakdowns or malfunctions of power lines, data lines or production systems as long as it can be proven that they affect the delivery of the order. Likewise, these circumstances apply if the CLIENT suffers them.

If a certain product is temporarily or permanently unavailable, the CLIENT will be notified immediately so that they can take it into account and can cancel or modify their order.


The company's pricing policy tries at all times to maintain the most competitive prices on the market for as long as possible. The modifications that these prices may undergo will be determined by market reasons, normally by variations made by our suppliers that affect the final product.

The prices in force are those that are shown in the order confirmation process on the Web. While the CUSTOMER is preparing a budget or placing an order through the Web platform, it could be the case that, due to a price update at the same moment, the prices shown could undergo a slight modification. Once the order confirmation is made, the prices will be fixed.

In the event that COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL carries out a price update, these will come into effect the moment they are published.

If the CUSTOMER wants to use a saved budget or wants to use a previous order, to place a new order with the same characteristics, these will be updated to the current rate automatically at the time of resuming the purchase process.

Likewise, keep in mind that the prices shown in all the publications and promotions that are made correspond to the prices existing at the time of their creation and that later could be slightly modified when placing your order.


The processing and shipping costs for all areas where COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL perform printing services are as follows:



Delivery days


According to weight

1-2 business days, order before 12 o'clock

Balearic Islands

According to weight

3-4 business days, order before 12 o'clock

Canary Islands

According to weight

3-7 days working order before 12h


According to weight

1-2 business days, order before 12 o'clock


According to weight

1-2 business days, order before 12 o'clock


According to weight

4-5 business days, order before 12h


COLOR GRAFICO uses third party parcel delivery companies.

It will not be responsible for delays that occur for reasons beyond its control.

In accordance with current customs regulations, DUA is not required for goods below € 3,000. COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS will not be responsible for any other customs expenses associated with the delivery.


Both parties expressly declare that the acceptance of the offer of the product or service of COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL by the client is carried out through the follow-up of the purchase procedure described on the website corresponding to the requested product.

The fact of telematically following all the steps of the process of buying the products and accessories by the client, implies the full and express acceptance of these general contracting conditions, understood as full and sufficient to contract.

The contract will be perfected from the date the client expresses his agreement with the contracting conditions published at the time of making the purchase, and must expressly select their acceptance.

Before concluding the purchase process, the CUSTOMER can carry out as many checks as he deems necessary to make sure that the options he has selected to make his purchase order are correct. After selecting the "pay now" button, you will be sent to the payment gateway to finalize the purchase of the products found in the basket. After making the payment, the CLIENT enters into a contract between him and COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL and will receive an order confirmation with the relevant information, by email.

If COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS, does not receive the corresponding payment with the amount of the order, you have the right to cancel the purchase contract.

The valid forms of payment are those shown to the CUSTOMER during the purchase process.

When the recipient of the delivery of the orders is a third person, the ordering party is considered CUSTOMER. For the execution of this type of request, the payer implicitly affirms that there is consent for it.

COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL does not require that the order be for a minimum amount.


Acceptance of this document has the same contractual validity as its face-to-face signature, under the terms of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

These General Contracting Conditions are subject to the provisions of Law 7/1988, of April 13, on General Contracting Conditions, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, Law 7/1996, of January 15 Regulation of Retail Trade, Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Commercial Code and other applicable regulations.


Both parties accept and acknowledge that all the data included in the website have been entered directly by the CLIENT, so the responsibility for their authenticity corresponds directly and exclusively to the CLIENT.

The CLIENT expressly and unequivocally accepts the general conditions ofwww.colorgrafico.esor from any of the sites dependent on it-, with the mere use of the platform. The user agrees and is responsible for carefully reading the content offered by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL in the purchase procedure. If the client does not agree or does not understand any of the provisions of this document or of the contracting process, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should he check the acceptance box.

In any case, if the client fails to comply with any of the previous obligations, the possible damages and losses caused by said breach will remain under his responsibility.


The commercial conditions of this service and the offers that may eventually be carried out by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL always appear in www.colorgrafico.esor on the pages dependent on it so they can be consulted, filed or printed by the CLIENT at any time.


Access to information on the websitewww.colorgrafico.esIt is completely free, while the purchase and contracting service of the products and services offered by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL is expensive, and implies the acceptance of the conditions established in this document.


The entire process expressed in the contracting conditions, as well as the content of the legal notices, privacy policy, documents for the exercise of access rights, rectification, cancellation and opposition will be carried out in the Spanish language in any case, being able to COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL, establish the possibility of contracting the service in other specified languages.

COLOR GRAFICO reserves the right to modify this document at any time as well as any other legal text displayed on any of the websites owned by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL

These conditions can be considered as ancillary as complementary to any of the websites dependent onwww.colorgrafico.es since the products or services provided through them require a modification or specification of the same, therefore it is the obligation of the CLIENT to make sure of such extremes.


COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL will not be responsible for delays or failures that occur in the access, operation and operation of the Web, or its services and / or contents, as well as any interruptions, suspensions or malfunction of the same , when they originate from breakdowns caused by natural disasters or situations of force majeure, or extreme urgency, such as strikes, attacks or computer intrusions or any other situation of force majeure or fortuitous cause, as well as those produced by errors in the networks data transfer telematics or any other circumstance that is beyond the control of COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL However, it will be exempt from any action or information introduced by third parties outside the company.

COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL is exclusively responsible for the reliability, veracity and accuracy of the content, data or information regarding the products offered on its website, except in cases where these have been modified by third parties, unrelated or not to the organization, without express authorization from the company.

The products and services provided by COLOR GRAFICO are limited exclusively to making the products and services offered through the website available to customers. www.colorgrafico.es, or any of the websites dependent on it - not being responsible for those products or services that do not conform to what was contracted by the client. Likewise, COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL undertakes to make the technical assistance service available to the client, in the event of any possible incident during the contracting procedure.


In the event that any of the websites owned by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL may host banners that allow the user to access Web pages or links owned by third parties, COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL is not responsible for the content that may be found there. hosted, proceeding to withdraw them in the event that a user communicates any type of illegal content, once the company has verified it.

The parties undertake to comply with the provisions of the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy as well as the General Contracting Conditions published by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL on any of the websites at the time of purchase of the product, as well as respect of the basic rights of consumers and users under the terms of the applicable regulations.


All the products and services offered by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL are original, new and personalized and have a 30-day guarantee, article 342 Commercial Code from the moment of delivery, regarding product manufacturing defects, so it is recommended TO THE CUSTOMER that before signing and returning the Corresponding delivery note to the carrier, check the condition of the packaging and the products in the presence of the operator, and write down the reservations or incidents that have occurred in the observations field. Returns will not be accepted after the deadlines in force in the applicable regulations. The buyer who at the time of receiving the goods will examine them to his satisfaction, will have no action to repeat against the seller alleging a vice or defect in the quantity or quality of the goods.

For all purposes, the delivery of the product will be understood to have been made on the day that appears on the corresponding invoice, purchase receipt, or on the delivery note.

The merchandise return policy of which products are governed by law, does not apply to most of COLOR GRAFICO SL's products, since it is about commercial sales, products made to measure and totally personalized, acquired by professionals (people physical or legal) to resell them, either in the same way that they were bought, or in a different way, with the intention of profiting from the resale, so the customer has 4 days to demand the right to a refund of the amount as long as the reason comes of an incident or claim for manufacturing defect and the fault of a fortuitous event, vice of the thing or fraud does not proceed.

Before making said return, the customer must contact the company within the indicated period by e-mail, telephone, providing all their data, order reference and reason for the claim. Any return without this prior communication will not be accepted by COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL

The CUSTOMER must carry out a correct packaging that ensures its transport without damage. Once received, the COLOR GRAFICO quality department will proceed to check the status of the product and its print quality. In case of verifying the possible incident, COLOR GRAFICO will offer the customer the option of sending the product again, assuming the shipping costs. In the event that the customer does not want us to send the product again, the amount will be refunded.

For any clarification on these general conditions or to make any claim related to your purchase, the customer has at his disposal the following address:

926321466-Avenida de Francia nº 24, Polígono Industrial Entrecaminos, 13300, Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) colorgrafico@colorgrafico.es


In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, all personal data entered by the client while using the website www.colorgrafico.esincluding the websites dependent on it - as well as throughout the purchase process, are subject to the "Privacy Policy" accessible while browsing such websites.


All the clauses or provisions of this contract must be interpreted independently and autonomously. If any of the clauses of this document is contrary to the Law, partially or totally, or is declared invalid by a final judicial sentence, the rest of the stipulations will not be affected, which will enjoy full legal validity.

The contracting parties undertake to renegotiate and replace the affected clause or clauses that will be void and to incorporate them into the rest of the general contracting conditions.




For any litigious matter or that concerns the website ofwww.colorgrafico.esor any of those that depend on it, Spanish legislation will be applicable, being competent for the resolution of all conflicts derived or related to the use of this website, the Courts and Tribunals of Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real, Spain) and in your case, the Arbitration Courts to which COLOR GRAFICO ETIQUETAS SL is attached at the time of the dispute.


To submit claims regarding the use of our services, you can send an email to the addresscolorgrafico@colorgrafico.es, or to the aforementioned postal address.


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