Roll adhesive labels are of great importance to reinforce the branding and brand image of any company. At Colorgráfico, we have an exquisite selection of papers, designs, inks and finishes to print your totally personalized labels.


Undoubtedly, the personalized adhesive label adds enormous value to the corporate visual image of a brand, and is also capable of making a very big competitive difference. For this reason, most customers choose products such as wine, preserves, etc., attracted, in a great way, by the design of the label.

It is even perfectly possible for an item for sale to increase its profitability thanks to the personality provided by the adhesive label. At Colorgráfico, we can print on textured papers, with special metallic inks or embossed varnishes. All of this revalues ​​the product in a clear and decisive way and influences the purchase decision of the customer, who perceives it as a more select product and, therefore, accepts higher prices.

Roll adhesive label supports, special inks and digital printing finishes enhance the value perceived by the consumer.


In addition to a good design, it is necessary to choose the appropriate support so that the label is kept in good condition.

If the design is the first phase, and of course one of the most important, the support we choose for our adhesive label will also have a lot to say in our brand image.

We will have to choose adhesive supports designed for our product: resistant to grease (for cosmetics, food products, oils, etc.) or moisture (wine, all kinds of beverages or refrigerated products), special for postal shipments with ultra-resistant adhesive, more creative or textured type or even sustainable adhesive labels (with FSC sustainability certificate) and transparent.

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